pregnant woman

Having a baby is an exciting, terrifying, emotional, exhausting, rewarding and unbelievable ride. The Maternity Manager will help guide you through the big decisions and purchases during your pregnancy, connect you with the services you need and make sure you’re organized for the arrival of your babe. I will manage all the details so all you have to do is focus on growing that tiny human because let’s face it: that’s enough.

About Me

Hi! I’m Lindsay.

  • Occupational therapist in Ontario since 2008, helping people with illness or injury by providing equipment, setting up their homes and connecting them with services to help in their recovery.

  • Mom since 2012. Fast forward six years, three kids, two nephews, countless friends’ pregnancies and endless time spent researching all things baby, and my two worlds are officially colliding with The Maternity Manager. Now instead of helping people with injuries, I’m applying that skill set to pregnant women and new parents.

  • I’ve been informally helping friends and family throughout Ontario for the past six years when they’ve had questions about everything from strollers to breastfeeding.

  • In 2015 my nephew was born seven weeks early and I found myself shopping for preemie clothes, setting up his nursery and helping my brother shop for a breast pump (add that to the long list of things I never thought I'd say and do before having kids).

  • That was when I realized they're likely not the only ones feeling like they could use a little help navigating the wild ride that is pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood.

  • Maybe you only need help choosing a stroller. Maybe you’re totally overwhelmed by the entire process and need help with the whole she-bang. If I’ve learned anything after having three kids it’s that you can’t do it alone. It's just Too. Damn. Hard. You really do need a village.

  • The Maternity Manager is all about saving you time and energy so you're ready and organized for the arrival of your babe.





The stroller is one of the most important (and expensive) purchases you’re going to make. After a few questions about your lifestyle I'll accompany you to the store for a test drive.

maternity shopping bag
Personal Maternity Shopping

Have something specific in mind that you need/want/can't live without but don’t have the time or energy to track it down? I'm on it.  

nursery crib
Nursery Organization and Set Up

Drowning in baby gear, teeny tiny clothes and diapers? I will set everything up and have the nursery organized in no time. I'm all about outer order, inner calm.

hospital bag
Hospital Bag

I will look after stocking your hospital bag so it's ready for the big day. Don’t have all the necessary gear on hand? No problem. I'll pick it up for you. 

baby registry gift

I will help you determine what you need (and what you don’t) and then I’ll help you set it up or take care of the whole thing for you.  At the store and/or online I can make it happen. 

connecting with service providers
Connecting with
Service Providers

Photographers, prenatal classes, breastfeeding support, yoga, CPR, doulas, midwives, car seat installation…..the list is endless. You name it, I will find it and connect you with your local providers. 

Rates vary from $80-$120/hour depending on whether services are provided remotely or in person (in person services available throughout Southern and Midwestern Ontario). Gift cards are also available for any dollar value and can be applied toward any of the above services. Makes a great shower or baby gift!


Being pregnant for the first time I felt completely overwhelmed with all the choices I had to make. Lindsay was able to break down and explain everything I felt clueless about with kindness and compassion. I explained to Lindsay that due to our small living environment I did not have room for unnecessary items nor did I want to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Lindsay created a baby registry for me that included only the necessities. She talked to me personally about each item and why she thought they would be a good investment. For some items she had a few different options so that my husband and I could make informed decisions. 

Whenever something came up during my pregnancy, I would instantly ask Lindsay. When my husband had a question I did not know the answer to, he would ask Lindsay. She was always there to guide us without any judgment.

Taking Lindsay with me along my journey was like having a doula, midwife, lactation consultant, counsellor, and baby specialist all in one. I can say without hesitation that I literally could not have done it without her help. Enabling the services of The Maternity Manager when expecting a child is not simply the best choice you can make, it is pure necessity!

Jen, Toronto